Epic Browser – Review

Epic Browser tagged as the new browser for India and claimed as the first browser with a built in anti-virus, was launched recently.  The browser boasts of its own collection of Apps and is clearly inclined towards the Indian users.  But what does it do that its predecessors couldnt…  Here is our take on Epic.

Built on the Mozilla framework, Epic Browser give an awesome first impression the first time it starts. With all the “Apps” neatly lined up on the left, a beautiful theme and tabs with translucency it gives a fresh feel from the bland white look that other browsers provide.

The biggest feature of Epic is its almighty sidebar. Containing almost every app conceivable the sidebar caters to all needs from news updates to cricket scores to social networking support. With a spectacular collection of Indian themes and wallpapers(for the start page of your browser) Epic seems to have done its homework well.

The configurable news lets you choose the language of your news and even specify the region of your interest. Now news from your state/city is accessible without opening a single web-page!

Concentrating on the Indian taste buds; Cricket, Bollywood, Stock market, Email and Social networking is high in the agenda for the browser. There are dedicated apps for each Social networking and Email site making it just a single click away…

Epic also boasts a first ever Antivirus for a browser, you can now scan downloaded files right in the browser.

Epic also contains a builtin Word Processor called “Write” you can edit and save documents right on the browser!

There is also a lot of work wrt GTD(Getting Things Done) tools; you have built in task managers and reminders right in the browser. With notes and tagging, Epic provides a great way of maintaining bookmarks too.

Epic also provides great integration with video sites, giving options of downloading videos once they have been fully streamed! With “Picture in Picture” feature, multitasking while watching videos is a breeze.

Epic also integrates with Gmail to provide file backups.

Epic also provides a feature called Collections. Collection is a group of website that you want opened in a single click, its a wonderful alternative to sessions and very well integrated within the browser.

If these features are not enough, Epic supports most of firefox’s plugins and addons too!

Our initial response to the browser was a clear two thumbs up. There has been great work behind this browser; the design and presentation both are excellent.