How to Change Proxy Setting in Google Chrome

google chrome
google chrome (Photo credit: toprankonlinemarketing)

Google Chrome uses the same connection & proxy settings as Windows. Changing these settings will affect Google Chrome as well as Internet Explorer and other Windows programs.

Here is how to change the proxy settings in Google Chrome:

  1. Click on “Customize and Control Google Chrome” menu (Located to the right of the address bar)
  2. Click “Options” button.
  3. In “Google Chrome Options” window select ‘Under the Hood’ tab.
  4. In the ‘Network’ section, click the “Change proxy settings” button.
  5. This will open another window.  In the “Internet Properties” window click “Lan settings” button.
  6. Under “Local Area Network (LAN) Settings” window click on the Proxy server for your LAN” and enter your proxy settings.
  7. Click OK and Apply to save the settings.
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