How to Disable Facebook Video Auto Play on Android

One of the new features of Facebook that can get to you is the feature where any video in Facebook Auto plays when it scrolls into view. This feature while useful can be irritating if you don’t like videos playing and audio blaring unexpectedly.  Here is a simple step by step method to Disable Facebook Video Autoplay in Android.

Disable Facebook Video Auto Play on Android

  1. Open Facebook app and Open the Menu by selecting the “3 Horizontal Bars” on the top right of the App, as shown below
    Click on the 3 Horizontal Bars to open the Facebook Menu
  2. Select “App Settings” from the Main Menu (as shown below)
    Select Facebook App Settings
  3. Turn Off the setting “Videos in News Feed Start With Sound” if you dont want videos to start with Audio On in your Facebook App
    Turn off Audio in Facebook Videos
  4. Scroll Down and Select “Autoplay” menu item
    Select Autoplay Option in App Settings in Facebook App
  5. Select “Never Autoplay Videos” to completely disable this feature.  Pick “On Wi-Fi Connections Only” if you don’t want the videos to autoplay on Mobile Data (useful to conserve mobile data)
    Disable Autoplay of Videos

You can Disable Facebook Vidoes from Autoplaying in the News Feed using these steps.