AdBlock for Opera 10

If you are like me and totally obsessed with Opera 10, but still a new user to the browser, then you might be wondering how to do a few things on it. One of my biggest problems was to get an Ad Block system up and running in the browser. A little web search gave me the way to do it.

Here are my notes:

  • Opera requires you to save a java script file that does the adblocking for it.  I found one here
  • Save the file into a folder of your choice.  I suggest creating a new folder as you will need to specify the folder not the file in future steps
  • Open Opera and hit “Alt – P”
  • In the corresponding dialog, click on the advanced tab
  • Click on “JavaScript Options…”
  • Hit “Choose” and navigate to the folder where you stored the file and hit “Ok”
  • You might need to refresh the pages for the adblock to take effect.
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