Top 50 High DA Directory Submission Sites

seoPosting your links in the right sites can send your SEO performance shooting through the roof.  One of the most important factors for classifying such sites is Domain Authority (DA).  Higher the Domain Authority the more value a link from that site holds for your SEO.

One of the best strategies is to put your links on these sites and watch your SEO performance go up.  Some of the sites need a back link to post your link and some even ask for a fee.  Finding these sites are not easy and hence here is a list of Directory Sites that have good DA, that you can use.

Top 50 High DA Directory Submission Sites for Quality Backlinks

Directory Name Name DA 75
Scrub the Web 73
Directory World 70
Free Website Directory 58
So Much 57
Vie Search 56
Jayde 54
T Section 52
1 Abc 52
Business Seek 51
R Directory 49
Cipinet 46
Pro Link Directory 45
Wwwi 44
Directory My Link 44
Linkpedia 44
9 Sites 44
Amray 43
Directory Fire 42
Gain Web 42
The Web Directory 42
Scrabble Stop 42
Submission 4u 42
Elite Sites Directory 42
Suggest URL 39
247 Web Directory 39
Family Directory 39
Wikid Web 37
Synergy Directory 36
Vision Web Directory 35
Pi Series 34
Nexus Directory 34
Digg Directory 34
Dir4uk 34
Royal Link Up 34
Inteligentd 33
Nipao 33
10 Directory 33
Xysyst 33
Linkdir 32
SEO Up Link 32
Vision Web SEO 32
PR3 Plus 31
The Net Directory 31
Best Free Websites 30
Directory Books 30
Sighber Cafe 29
PR Web Link 29
Leading Link Directory 28
Suggest Site 25
SEO Free Links 24