Candy Crush: How to get unlimited lives

In Candy Crush lives are at a premium and losing all your lives means, a frustrating wait for the clock to continue the game. Fortunately there is a simple hack to recover your lives so that you can continue playing unlimited hours of your favourite game.

Here is how to recover your lives in Candy Crush:

  1. Close the Candy Crush app
  2. Go to Settings on your phone/tablet
  3. Scroll down to Date & Time (On iPhone/iPad goto General -> Date And Time)
  4. Uncheck Automatic Date & Time and Automatic Time Zone (On iPhone/iPad Toggle the Set Automatic option)
  5. Press Set Time (in iPhone/iPad press the displayed time) and move the time forward by a few(atleast 3-4) of hours
  6. Now reopen Candy Crush
  7. You should have your lives back. If only a few of the lives were returned, repeat steps 1-7 adding a few more hours to the time. Make sure there is no countdown next to the lives or this hack will not work.
  8. Once the full lives have been confirmed returned. Close the app and Repeat steps 1-3
  9. Recheck Automatic Date & Time and Automatic TimeZone or manually update the time to the correct time (in iPhone/iPad toggle Set Automatic option or manually set the correct time by pressing on the displayed time)
  10. Reopen Candy Crush and you should be able to play with your new lives.