Android: How to update Google Camera to the latest version

App Revenue from Google Play
App Revenue from Google Play (Photo credit: IntelFreePress)

If you chose not to update Google Camera when the option was first presented to you, and now want to update it but dont know how, dont sweat we are here to help 🙂

Here is how to update the app on your phone:

  1. Open the Play Store App on your phone.
  2. Press the three horizontal bars on the top left corner of the app, it will open an menu for you.
  3. In this menu Choose “My Apps
  4. The next page has a list of all the apps installed on your phone, with the ones with updates available on top of the list.
  5. Scroll down to find “Google Camera“. Press on the logo to go to the app page
  6. Here you will get two options on the top right: Update & Uninstall. Press Update.
  7. Hit Continue in the App Permission Screen to start the download and install.