Final Draft 9/8: How to create a title page

Final Draft
Final Draft (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The title page of a Final Draft document contains information of the Title, Author, Copyright and at times the cast, scene & set info. Its advisable to fine tune it to ones requirement to give your document a finished look

Here is how to modify the Title Page in Final Draft 8/9:

  1. Open the title page in the following way:
    • in Final Draft 9 for windows: click on Title Page icon in the Ribbon
    • in Final Draft 9 for Mac or Final Draft 8: goto the Toolbar and choose Document > Title Page.
  2. Type the information over the existing sample text.
  3. 3. Go to File > Close.
  4. 4. Once back at your script, simply save it (File > Save) and your title page is saved with the script.