Search for Your Blog’s Recommended Pages on FaceBook

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Facebook is fast becoming one of ‘the’ places to promote your blog. Integrating your site well with facebook not only drives great traffic but also provides great exposure for your writing. People share webpages on Facebook all the time, just include the url of interest in any message and FB will insert an image from the page and a short description below the message.

So how do you know if any of your blog’s contents have been shared on the most popular social networking site on the web?

On my personal blog titled “New Sense” I recently included a nice looking toolbar at the bottom. The toolbar also provides a button for recommendations via facebook. Clicking on it will show a list of pages from my blog that were shared on Facebook (Click on Recommendations at the toolbar at the bottom)

If you want to see a similar list for your blog, go to this page -> Recommendations

At the bottom of the page you will find a form similar to the one shown in the image below. Type in the address of your blog and voilà you should get the list of shared items from your blog.

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