Galaxy Ace – Gingerbread Update – Notes

Image representing Android as depicted in Crun...
Image via CrunchBase

There are many good tutorials on the web about installing Gingerbread on the Ace (like this one).

Once you have Gingerbread installed what can you expect from your new system?
Other than the already present updates to Android, here are a few notes I made:

  • The Default language at the start is not English. To change, go to Settings -> Locale and Text (recognizable by the keyboard key A as the logo) -> Select Language (Option no. 1 in the list) -> English (or any other language)
  • The battery lasts longer and is estimated more accurately. – The battery info is more detailed too.
  • The Wifi bug that caused the “black screen of death” problem is fixed. Expect more stability while using Wifi
  • The UI is faster and more responsive
  • Fonts are crispier and look great
  • The notification bar is smaller and that really helps screen real estate.
  • Internal memory usage has improved leaps and bounds, expect lesser problems in that area

All in all the upgrade to Gingerbread has been perfect so far.

Note: The version I have installed is XXKPH