• arshad

    thank you worked for me

  • Jon

    Google SUX!

  • Lillian

    This worked once upon a time, but something changed after an update. Even with all but one of my 6 Google accounts set to only sync Gmail, I was still getting Gallery / Picasa Web Albums log-in prompts multiple times a day. This morning, I couldn’t dismiss the prompts anymore. Swiping them away didn’t work, opening and choosing cancel didn’t either. I had to figure out how to get rid of them once and for all.

    I long-pressed one of the notifications and saw a “settings” cog. Clicking that took me to the Google Play app, not Gallery. As soon as I unchecked “Show Notifications” in Google Play, the messages disappeared!

    I’ve opened the Gallery app several times and the log in notifications seem to be gone for good.

    Hope this helps!

  • Dee

    This isn’t working anymore since the last update. I have several Google accounts on S5, Android 5.0 and Google +, Google Pictures, Picasa (and so on) only show on my primary and secondary accounts as options to tick/untick for sync settings. Obviously I need to disable picasa sync notifications for the other ones.

    Unfortunately since last update: Settings > Accounts > “select account” does NOT have anything remotely close to pictures, gallery, picasa, Google+

    I managed to get rid of the notification for now, but I bet they will pop up again in a few hours:
    Settings > Application Manager > Google+ > clear data, clear cache, disable!

    Good luck!

  • Bradley Trescott

    I had this issue with the Picasa notification, and none of the fixes I found seemed to work. Then I tried this:
    1) Pull down notification bar
    2) Press and hold the sign-in request notification until it changes. ( I think it was Google+ Services??)
    3) Press the information (i) icon.
    4) Deselect the notification check box.

    This worked for me.

    • Taranjeet


    • CombatVette

      Seems to have worked for me, too. THANK YOU!!! That thing was driving me bananas.