Turn Off Keyboard Vibration in Android Lollipop

Google Keyboard is the default keyboard in Android 5, Lollipop. By default, its configured to enable vibration on key press. If you are someone who dislikes this feature, here is a simple way to turn off keyboard vibration in it:

Steps to Disable or Turn Off Keyboard Vibration:

  • Go to Home -> Settings -> Language & input
  • Locate “Google Keyboard” (under Keyboard & input methods) and tap it
  • Tap on Preferences
  • Turn off the “Vibrate on keypress” option

UPDATE: For Android 6 (Marsh Mallow) use these steps

  • Uday Patil

    Thanks. it worked.

  • Umair gondal

    v v thanks

  • jazz3601

    Thank you this was driving me insane

  • I just got an Allview P5 phone, and can not disable the keypress vibration feature. The default keyboard is Android and provides no customisation options, and when I write I constantly get distracted by the vibrations, it drives me insane. I want to return the phone if I can’t disable this annoying and disruptive feature. So annoyed… This is a brand new phone, and it is useless because of such default stupidity.

    (I have disabled “vibration on touch” under “vibration” in the general settings, didn’t help either)

    Besides being incredible annoying, it also seems like a waste of energy. This is the Allview P5 Energy, how laughable to have such an un-disableable energy wasting feature that is not in any way useful