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Its important to calibrate your monitor espcially if you are a photographer and want to see the images exactly the way they will be printed. One of the simplest methods of calibrating your monitor is to use Screen Check

Points to remember:

  • Start with Maximum Contrast and adjust your screen brightness to suit the first image.
  • Then adjust your contrast to see the second image correctly.
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  • Satish

    Generally LCD’s become “unadjustable”, until then ppl who can spend like to use 😀

  • Satish

    Calibrating with the color card is the first thing to do; only thing is that if you are color blind let the machine choose whats right 😀

  • Wow there is a product to do everything eh!
    What do you mean they become “unadjustable”, is it a age that causes it or repetitive adjusting?

  • I moved to a new display at work and this helped in setting it up for working with photos. Thanks! 🙂

  • @Ashwin: Glad to be of assistance 🙂